Chapel Studio


Arnold Lehrer Properties
My wife and I rented 1214 Chapel Street, Apt #30, for 2016-2017. Arnie and Steve do an amazing job taking care of the building - if there is ever any issue, they will take care of it immediately - even minor problems like a loose handle. They even watered our plants for us while we were on our honeymoon. The building is very safe and the community is nice: all Yale-affiliated people, and Steve and Arnie know everyone by name. And, it's a 5-minute (safe) walk to main campus, which was really convenient for us. The space is enormous and very well lit - we had a room we could use if friends were ever staying over (it was also an office, but we ended up working in the massive living room). If you are bothered by light coming in and waking you up in the morning, it is easy to put up a curtain. Before choosing this place, we explored about a dozen different options. Let me just say that If I were to rent anywhere in New Haven, it would 100% no reservations be on 1214 Chapel!