1214 Chapel Street Bedroom



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Arnold Lehrer Properties
Our first introduction to Arnie and Steve dates back to the summer of 2014 when my youngest daughter sublet  an apartment at 2 Lynwood Place  .As a newcomer to the community their greeting was so welcoming and her short stay a pleasing one. A few years pass and my oldest daughter finds herself returning to Yale to attend law school.. Without hesitation she rents from Arnie! As we fast forward in time she just resigned her lease for her third and final academic year. As a parent, you have comfort in knowing that either Arnie or Steve is just a phone call away 24/7. They have never failed to answer our calls and act upon our requests  promptly. Most importantly though, they are truly concerned about making the "student"  your child, safe and happy

The building has great charm, offers a quiet study environment, safe and secure , and is perfectly located to both the campus and nearby retail. New Haven is fortunate to have Arnie as a landlord and so are we!